Mobile phones have become the ultimate connectivity devices of the present generation. In my opinion if you have a high end smart phone then you don’t even need to carry your laptop nowadays. Like how some years ago laptops replaced briefcases, the same way smartphones are replacing laptops. The best part of having internet connectivity on these feature packed mobile phones is that you can do all your business tasks and at he same time get entertained as well.

There are a plenty of options present for mobile browsers on your mobile phone these days but a smart person will always try to have the smartest accessories on his smart phone, so here we have a new smart mobile browser known as the Skyfire 3.0. Like always before telling you more about this browser we would like to inform you a bit more about its roots so here we go, Skyfire is a mobile web browser which renders requested web page on a proprietary server, relays it to the browser on the users end and then it displays the content. Skyfire currently runs on Windows Mobile, Google Android , iOS and Symbian platform.

Talking about Skyfire for Android, it is one of the most popular third party apps with almost 2 million users ,it is a cloud powered toolbar that allows users to watch video, view related content and easily share content with friends. Now we want to inform you that Skyfire 3.0 is launched and it takes social integration to the next level by integrating Facebook directly into Skybar. Now it is even more easier to share whatever you like on the web with your Facebook friends.

Capture thumb2 - Skyfire 3.0 App For Android Phones

Some more features are as follows :

Vibrant Video : Watch flash videos that are optimized for your device and network.

Popular Content : See what content is more popular with your Facebook friends.

Fireplace : Feed reader, it provides a filtered list of your Facebook feed that only includes links to web pages, images and videos posted by friends.

Facebook portal integration : Access to Facebook feed with a single touch, no need to switch between apps.’

Like Button : like button on every page of the internet.

One touch search : Enter a single search term and choose between different search engines.

I am sure that all you smart people out there will be looking out to download this mobile browser for smartphone and become a step smarter.