Folder Files Changed Alert With Watch 4 Folder
di - Folder Files Changed Alert With Watch 4 Folder
di - Folder Files Changed Alert With Watch 4 Folder

Computers are an important part of a normal persons life today. People of all the different ages are now bound to use computers today, form kids of age 4 years to adults with age upto 80 years use computer for various reasons like doing homework or checking bank accounts or just for emails, It is ok when talking about adults but it is very unsafe in the case of the children.

The problem is that it is very difficult for parents to keep a check on their children, and monitor what they are watching on the computer. Even if they put a firewall on the internet they still cant stop their kids from+ bringing files through their friends and saving them on their computers.

Now in that case what can a helpless parent do? So here we are again with a solution for one of your problems.With Watch4Folder you will be easily able to monitor your file and folders and see he changes made in the log section and save it to see afterwards.

Capturel thumb - Folder Files Changed Alert With Watch 4 Folder

It is very easy to use this application and all you have to do is run the exe file, after that you will see the above window.

  1. The first step is to select the folder you want to monitor.
  2. Second step is to select the events you+ want to monitor.
  3. Third step is to select the actions on events
  4. And last but not the least don’t forget to press the start monitoring button.

You can select a number of events to monitor like file create, file delete, file change, file rename and many more. With that you also choose to perform an action when the change takes place that includes to execute a program or a batch file or write a log file, you can also select to popup a message or a desktop alert.

Then all you have to do is switch to the live log tab which will show you what all changes have taken place. For example, I chose to monitor the delete action on one of the folder and here we have the log.

Capture2 thumb - Folder Files Changed Alert With Watch 4 Folder

The Events log was pretty clear and it showed all the changes that took place. After starting the monitoring process you can also minimize the app to the system tray.

So if you were looking to spy on the computer activities then this is the best solution for you available for free.

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