di - Best 3 Free Antivirus For Android Mobile PhonesAll you people out there must be using some or the other type of an antivirus for your computers I am sure. So nowadays it is necessary that a person to use an antivirus software since all the important data is being stored by us on the computers itself, even the corporate world is relying on computers to work on their projects and it is very important for them to save their data form their competitors as they try to sabotage their projects and valuable information in this cunning world of competition. So may it be just an individual, a reputable company or even a defense organization of some country, all of +them have something in common and that is the requirement of some kind of protection from different threats from the evil citizens of the cyber age.

Well we all know how important it is to have an antivirus on our computers but have you ever thought about your mobile phone. Yes now the technology has given us so many advantages over the last decade, all the important tasks can be done on mobile phone these days and there no need to carry even your laptop these days. Well with every pro there is a con and the con here is that these high end mobile phones are also prone to the cyber criminals and they can also be affected by these viruses. I know you must be very shocked that how could you have not thought about something so important but again you can leave the thinking part to us.

So here we are with a list of top 3 anti virus for your android phones and I am sure you must be eager to know about them.

3. Third on our list is NetQuin

Netquin is used by almost 60 million people and it provides real time monitoring against viruses and malware. It can scan for viruses and malware real fast and can create backups on you memory card as well. New features include Remote lock and Better performance with smoother contacts login process.

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2. Second on our list is AVG Free Antivirus

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AVG is one of the best free antivirus softwares available for computers and I am sure that the whole brand image would be continued in the mobile version as well. It protects your android phone from various virus and malware threats and it also scans folders and mp3 files for you. It also supports cloud to device.

1. The top on our list is the Norton Mobile Security beta

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As we all know that Norton is already one of the companies that manufactures best antivirus solutions for many types of platforms and it is supposed to be the best due to its huge range of products and a lot of experience. This app runs in the background and is full of features like Call and SMS blocker, Malware scanner and remote locking if your phone is stolen or lost. This app is currently available for testing till end of 2010 and after that you will have to pay for subscriptions.

So here we have given you the top three best antivirus softwares for your android phone and we hope that you will be able to make use of our research and be safer.