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    candel Transfer, Send Webpage Link From Google Chrome To

    di - Transfer, Send Webpage Link From Google Chrome ToOne day I was searching for some good restaurants near my new house, at which i just settled in. Technology has been very helpful to me in my everyday tasks and for this purpose too i used my computer instead of going out and wasting a few liters of petrol by roaming around and wasting time by asking strangers where to go. All I did was, sat on my computer searched for a good restaurant and I got everything in place. It even showed me the location on Google maps and it was a lot easier than said. I didn’t had to waste my time, money or my mind and I got the best place within my reach with all the reviews and stuff available. So all I am trying to say is that science has dine so much for us that everything has gotten onto our fingertips.

    Now If I had to search for this same restaurant it would have been a lot more difficult because I don’t like typing to much on a small touch keypad or scrolling around on a tiny mobile phone screen. But at the same time it was not advisable to carry around my laptop all the way to see the map and the directions. So again+ I+ sat in the computer and started searching out for a solution. Guess what ? I got this awesome tool called the chrome to Wp7 which enabled me to do all the searching part on the computer and in the end I just sent the address link to my windows 7 phone browser with a single click. Then all I had to do was, open that link on Google maps of my phone and Voila! I had all the directions there on my phone which was then a lot more easier to carry around without any hassles.

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    This new Google chrome extension is released by the developer David Amenta. And the idea behind this is to enable the user to send data or a link instantly to his Win 7 phone and from there the user can directly open the link on his phone browser. For this to work you will have to install the Windows phone app on you win 7 phone and install an extension for Google chrome on your laptop as well. Sometimes this app wont work so you can contact Google and tell them your problem.

    Google Chrome Extension

    Windows Zune Marketplace

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