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    candel Browse Android Phones Directory Structure, Files O

    di - Browse Android Phones Directory Structure, Files O
    di - Browse Android Phones Directory Structure, Files OI am sure all you android phone users must be very happy with your devices, Android phones are the latest technology phones and they can serve a lot of other purposes other than being just a simple phone. You can do a lot of things like play different games, store pictures, edit them and have a lot of fun with all the different types of apps present on the android market. The best part of an android phone is that it can be updated and it is very easy to search install applications with the help of the android market.You can even turn your phone into a business phone if you want. So all I want to say is that a person can totally use the phone for whatever tasks he have related to a computer.

    Now the problem is that when a device serves so many purposes then it is bound to have a lot of data and files related to the official work or just personal photos or whatever. It becomes really difficult for a person to keep a track of all the data present on his phone specially when all the new phones are coming with memories upto 32 GB. I remember the first desktop that I had, had a hard disk drive of 40 GB and it was hard to search for files on that large screen of a computer monitor. Yes, it is a lot more difficult for a person to work on such a small screen of his phone and go through different files and folders to search for a file or some photo.

    So today for all the Android phone owners we have a new free file manager called the eFileManager. This tool is a powerful android app and allows the user to easily manage files in their android phone. It has got a easy to use user interface and it offers a variety of features and options.

    Capture thumb7 - Browse Android Phones Directory Structure, Files O Capture1 thumb - Browse Android Phones Directory Structure, Files O

    With this app you can easily manage your file without any problems and the best part is that it comes for free.

    eFile manager Features are as follows :

    • System status, Memory manager, App manager.
    • Zip/ Unzip file.
    • Extract RAR.
    • Install apk.
    • Send multiple attachments.
    • choose between List or Grid view.
    • Text Editor.
    • Cut, Copy, Rename, Send, Delete.
    • Drag file to any folder.
    • Image and Thumbnail View.
    • Set wallpaper in home screen.


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