di - Google Instant Launched Globally For All Mobile Ph
di - Google Instant Launched Globally For All Mobile Ph
Google is one my favorite search engines. Not because it is one of the fastest but there are many more features that are available on Google that make it a perfect search engine, for example Google Scroll and Google instant. These two features help me a lot when I have to search for something really remote and it gives me a lot of other options as well. So the thing is that Google has been really focusing to make all these features available to its users using mobile phones. Since most of the people don’t like sitting on a computer anymore and all the new mobile phones that come out these days are capable enough of serving all the internet needs of a normal person.

So a few days back we informed you that Google Instant has been released on Android 2.2 and iphone operating system 4.0. This feature is really helpful when you don’t want to type a lot on your touchscreen keyboard or a small button keypad. It smarty reads the starting part of your query and gives you and option to choose from the most relevant search options available by opening them in a drop down box. So the latest development is that Google has expanded the Google Instant features and Google Instant has been made Global. It will support additional countries and languages and help make Google more popular in countries where it has not been able to make an impact yet in the mobile internet market.

Capture thumb15 - Google Instant Launched Globally For All Mobile Ph

Google instant is now available in 28 languages and 40 countries worldwide so if you were living in a country where you were not able to use this feature in mobile web browsing in your own language then you might be lucky.

If you have a phone running on Android 2.2 or iOS 4.0 then you can open google.com on your mobile web browser and then when you are redirected to the local domain then tap the Google instant link beneath the search box to enable it.