di - Run Any Country SIM Card In Windows Phone 7
di - Run Any Country SIM Card In Windows Phone 7
Are you a Windows 7 phone owner who wants to explore much more out of his device ? Well then the only way to do that would be by getting out of the boundaries set by the Microsoft by unlocking the door and getting out of it. By door I mean your device and by boundaries I mean the Windows marketplace. So here we are with the new unlocking tool by Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh called the ChevronWP7. This tool allows you to unlock Windows 7 phone without the need for a marketplace account.

Now you must be wondering why would a person want to unlock his or her phone. So the reason is that after unlocking your phone you will be able to test experimental applications which would otherwise not be published to the Windows Marketplace, that includes the applications which access private or native APIs.

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ChevronWP7 is a simple exe file that allows anyone to unlock his or her WP7 device using a USB cable and a couple of clicks. This tool is completely safe and you can also reverse the process anytime to relock the phone if you face any difficulties.

All you have to do is, connect your phone to your PC with the help of a USB cable and then run then run the Zune software. In the end you just have to run the exe file and follow the instructions to unlock your Windows 7 phone. Easy isn’t it.

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