Call International Number Of Any Country Free From iPhone With Viber [Free App]
di - Call International Number Of Any Country Free From
di - Call International Number Of Any Country Free From

Today I am here with a very nice tool for all the Apple lovers. Calling over Internet or I should say that VoIP is getting popular day by day and the application which I will be mentioning now uses this technology. You can call this tool as Viper and in this post I will be telling you that how you can use this tool to get facilitated.

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This tool has been developed for iOS which can be used in iPhone, iPad or iPod. This tool will help you to make calls for free over internet using VoIP. This application will not even create any separate friend-list for the contacts. This application will use the contacts book of you Apple device and then users which are already using this application will be highlighted in you contacts book by a small mark in front of their contact name.

In the snapshot you can see the icon which will be placed in front of their names. Moreover the quality of the calls is also flawless. So, if you want to make any call then you will just have to jump to the contacts but then make sure that the application is currently running in the background. Let me tell you a nice fact about this tool, even if this tool is not running in the background and then some Viper user calls you then as soon as you press the answer call button, this tool will launched automatically and then your call will be made on Viper. The only drawback that this tool offers is the high data usage charges of internet, but then this problem will be solved once different data subscribers start offering unlimited packages. This tool will be released for all the other phones like Blackberry and Android.

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