Mac OS X Cydia Apps Store Coming Soon
di - Mac OS X Cydia Apps Store Coming Soon
di - Mac OS X Cydia Apps Store Coming Soon

Google has been working on Google Web app store for different applications which will be supported by Google browser and Google Chrome OS. They have a good collection of tools and games which will be further improved. Apple has also aimed to the store of the application for their MAC OS. The already have a store for iOS and now they are heading towards MAC OS, but they are worried about Freeman. In this post I will tell you about the next step which has already been decided by Cydia in response to the new MAC OS app-store which is going to launched in few weeks.

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After iOS now it is the turn of MAC OS to be shot by Cydia. Jay Freeman has decided that soon after the launch of the MAC OS app store they will be launching the app store for the same OS which might be called as Mac Cydia. They have promise that they will be unleashing the full power of MAC OS through all the application which will be provided by them through the store. If we take a glance at the type of software which are offered by Cydia App-store for iPhone then they are not the cracked or the pirated version of the softwares offered at Apple store instead they are other tools which are really useful in taking full advantage of jailbroken iOS and currently they offer more than 30,000 application for iPhone.

Similarly we can assume that they will not be offering any pirated tool for Mac OS also and instead they will be developing their own tools. Obviously they will be launching it after the official launch of MAC OS app-store by Apple. Jay Freeman has criticized about the careless documentation done by Apple and thus they will be releasing their app-store as early as possible.

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