Computer Basics For Parents, Layman People From Google
di - Computer Basics For Parents, Layman People From Go
di - Computer Basics For Parents, Layman People From Go

Google not only thinks about marketing of its product (like others) but also tries its best to facilitate the users with the best technology which can be offered by them. Google has huge number of open source tool as they want to be the important part of the life of their users. In this post I will be telling you about a news which will tell you about the extent to which Google can think for you. They have launched a site for your parents which can make them learn lot about the basics of computer.

scrsht2 - Computer Basics For Parents, Layman People From Go

Parents now a days their best to learn this complex device but then there are certain things which they should know in order to make their lives simpler. Some of the Googlers have taken the initiative to develop a website which will help your parents to learn lot about computer and they will not even have to go for reading long tutorials instead they will have to watch small videos which will help them to learn the new things interactively. You can take a glance at the website by clicking the link mentioned below.

scrsht - Computer Basics For Parents, Layman People From Go

Now you will see that the tutorial videos have been divided into certain categories like basics, World Wide web and few more. You can select some of the lessons and then you will have to fill that form on the first page, then you will be directed to another page which will ask your e-mail address and the recipient e-mail address, on that you can also see the mail which will be send on your behalf. You mail will consist of the link to the videos which can be viewed on the website. The videos are quite interactive you can have a glance at them before sending them. I am sure that any new learner will love it.

Use this feature of Google for your Mom and Dad and then let us know about your experience. If you discover anything new then please let us know by putting that down in the comments section or even if you come across any flaw associated with this news then please let us know know about the same. If we found it genuine then we will be glad to share it with our other readers on your behalf and we may reply back with a solution to any of the problem as we have already used this new feature of Google. Till then keep reading and have a nice day!!!