Google Latitude iPhone App Launched
di - Google Latitude iPhone App Launched
di - Google Latitude iPhone App Launched

Google launched a tool for all the Apple lovers (may be they are trying to lure the Apple users by their applications icon wink - Google Latitude iPhone App Launched ) but still they have launched a tool which is very useful now a days, especially for those who keep on roaming around the world and they want that their friends should know about their present location. You can call this tool as Google Latitude and in this post I will be telling you about this tool.

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This tool has been designed for iPhone users and this tool will broadcast about your present location. As almost 9 million users have been using this application on other mobile OS like Symbian, Android and few other popular OS but now all the iPhone users will be able to use this application. Google has always been trying to make Latitude as simple as possible and thus they have come up with the simplest setup and the simplest way to be in touch with all the family members and you friends.

You will just have to add the friends and the family members in the list if the contacts and then you will be able to share your location with all of them. You can continuously share the location but if you want then you can control the privacy by altering the settings of the application; you can specify the location to a certain level like city, state or district level. This tool has been developed by considering iOS 4 as its basic platform and hence your iPhone should be equipped with iOS 4 or above if you want to use this application. More this application has been developed for 45 countries in 15 different languages.

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