di - New Android Market Store Coming Soon Android
di - New Android Market Store Coming Soon Android
The first thing that a persons notices when he meets someone are the looks. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. In case of consumer related corporate world, it is very important for the companies to keep updating and changing the looks of their products according to the latest fashion so that they don’t look outdated and always sport a fresh look. I think Google’s Android App Market has also thought about the same and they are ready to come out with an updated version of their app market.

App market is the place where people get to find new apps in different categories at the same place. In my opinion it is really important for a company to have a good looking app store since all the users and would be customers would want to go the market first and check out what options are available to them after buying an android phone. The most important difference between a normal phone and an android phone is that it can be loaded with a lot of applications. So of they are to publicize their apps then they have to make the user interface for the market good looking and easy to use at the same time.

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So what’s new in this app market? Well let me inform you that two new categories are being added Widgets and Live wallpapers. Next thing is the carousel interface on the home screen and the category screen. You will also be able to quickly flip through and download featured apps. A new Discovery feature will also be added so that related apps are displayed on each applications page and hence giving the user more options on downloads that are available.

The best part that I am looking forward to is the return for refund window for apps as you will able to use an check the app for 24 hours before returning it for an unconditional refund. This will give you more options to explore and choose the best value for your money app. This new app is scheduled to rollout during the next week and will work on android 1.6 and higher. I am really looking forward to this new app market which will lure more people into trying new apps for sure.