di - Windows 7 Phone Theme For Android PhonesAre you a+ windows 7 phone fan ? Well most of us are. The problem is that Windows 7 phone came out soon after the release of android platform for mobile phones. There are many friends of mine who bought and android phone and are now craving for a windows 7 mobile phone. Actually speaking android is also a good platform for mobile phones but still everyone wants to try new things which come into the market but it would be very difficult for a person to buy an android phone and a Windows 7 phone at the same time.

So today we have a new application for you which is a bit out of the league, but will enable android users to try the new metro user interface that comes with the Windows 7 phone operating system. This free application lets the users to use the metro user interface on their android phone. So if you just saw your friends Windows 7 phone and you like the metro user interface a lot then you don’t have to buy a new Windows 7 phone in order to enjoy it and you can easily experience the metro user interface on your android mobile phone.

Capture thumb17 - Windows 7 Phone Theme For Android Phones

You can also easily change themes and customize them like you do in a windows 7 phone. There is also an option to pin any application on the home screen by pressing and holding the application. This application is free of cost and the best visula performance is supposed to be at 480800 screen resolution but it had been tried on other resolutions as well and it works fine. The user interface is smooth and good looking, the best part is that you can use the lite free version which has got all the features like :

  • 12 tiles
  • pin to the front
  • Uninstall apps
  • Dark and Light themes
  • 4 accent colors
  • Status bar

Although this application is just to replicate the user interface is for Windows 7 phone but still it is better for a person to install this free app instead of buying a whole phone.