Learn About Human Body Organs Through Google Body Browser
di - Learn About Human Body Organs Through Google Body
di - Learn About Human Body Organs Through Google Body

What a nice feature!!! Now this is something which can describe about this new feature which has been released today by Google. This news is related to any of the web application or Chrome OS or the new laptop of Google which will be introduced and it also does not include any new feature which will be introduced in any of the application offered by Google these days. This news is totally different from what you have been reading till now and I will be telling you about this in this post.

image thumb32 - Learn About Human Body Organs Through Google Body

By taking a glance at the snapshot and the title of the pots you must have got an idea that we are talking about Body browser which is nothing a nice browser which has been released by Google which browse a human body, with the help of this service you can locate any part of your body in that browser, it seems really interesting for those who are not the Biology students and love to explore the human body, specially the parts which cannot be seen from outside and have a major role to play in our body.

The only problem faced by this service is that this feature uses WebGL to run and there are few browsers who are equipped with this. Till now you will be able to this on Google Chrome 9 and even on Google Chrome 8 build (by activating WebGL separately). You can turn the whole body and have full glance at it you can see each and every muscle in the body including all the systems like Nervous System, Digestive System and the other different feature of our body. Nothing can escape about the body from this browser and I am sure that you will love to use it.

We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

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