Internet Explorer Got Tracking Protection As Another Security Feature
di - Internet Explorer Got Tracking Protection As Anoth
di - Internet Explorer Got Tracking Protection As Anoth

We generally focus on a main factor while using it, i.e. the security offered by it as browsers are the main source of attack of viruses and other malwares which lead to the loss of very precious information or they may spoil your system and can do many worse thing which you can never expect. This was the only reason for which Google Chrome was depreciated. So, this time Microsoft concentrated in this main factor and then they released their new version of Internet Explorer 9 which has taken care of this problem. In this post I will be telling you about this new version of Internet Explorer.

image thumb33 - Internet Explorer Got Tracking Protection As Anoth

As you can see the snapshot of this new Internet Explorer 9, it has got a complete new look as compared to its previous version. This time they have assured that this browser is capable of blocking 99 percent of all the attacks which are done by the viruses and the other malwares. Now this figure is really outstanding and if it really does this then I think you will not give a second thought to any other browser while selecting Internet Explorer 9. I have been using it since 2 weeks and I really found it comfortable to work. It also does not get crashed as compared to the frequency of crashes in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

They have mentioned that this security is offered with the help of SmartScreen filter which is said to have blocked 1.2 million attacks till now. Another new feature which they have talked about is the Tracking Protection which offers you to control the flow of the information to any third party about the online activities done by you. It will basically limit your personal data which should be shared on the Internet and this data can be limited by you using this feature. I hope that this was enough to make you download it and them make it as a default browser.

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