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di - Web Search Engine For iPhone, Blackberry, Windows
di - Web Search Engine For iPhone, Blackberry, Windows

Now I am here with a great remedy to one of the most popular problems faced by all the smartphones users. You must have faced the problems for searching your application for mobile, like Nokia mobile users prefer to go for visiting Ovi store for their mobile application and similarly Android, Apple and Blackberry have their own site for their applications. In this post I will be telling you about a new website named as Mimvi.

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This website has been designed for all the smartphone users so that they can get rid of a problem of roaming here and there on web in search of an application. They can search for all the application on the website mentioned above. This the search engine for all the mobile application for all the famous mobile OS platforms like Symbian, Android, iOS and few more. You can just type the name of that application or you can just type the feature of that application and then you can narrow the search by clicking the platform of your mobile on the left hand side of the webpage.

You can see the snapshot of the website above, where in the middle you will have to type the text and then on the other page you will be able to see the result (analogous to all the search engines). Now, with the help of this website you will be able to get all the applications collectively on this website and even you may find the better collection for your mobile as compared to the collection offered by your home application website. For Symbian mobile it will not only include the links from Ovi store but also from Mobile9 and the other popular links, so in short it is really of use to you and now you can take advantage of this one.

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