Google Shared Spaces Launched For Collaborative Web Apps Sharing Across Users
di - Google Shared Spaces Launched For Collaborative We
di - Google Shared Spaces Launched For Collaborative We

By the name itself you must have got an idea that what this post says. This post is all about newly launched Google Shared Spaces and the name itself says that the space which will be shared by all the users. The link for this has been provided below and you can take a look at it. In this post I will be telling you that how you can go for using this.

image thumb42 - Google Shared Spaces Launched For Collaborative We

Google Wave never got popular so Google used all its application in this newly launched feature. They have long list of applications on this new site and you can use them to share with all the other users. You can see a button named as ‘Create a space’; if you want to use this option then make sure that you have already signed in in your Gmail account. After selecting an application, you can create your own part in this application by demanding your own place. Let us take an example, when you selected any application related to poll then you can create a space using this application.

Now you can use that space for making your own poll and then sharing that with the users. The space must have been created by you but this will be common for all the users of Google as they will be able to take part in this type of application created by you. You can see a huge variety of application and it has been reported that all these application have been shifted from Google Wave to Google Shared Spaces. I think that this is a great idea by Google for the people to share their ideas and then interact among themselves on a common platform.

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