di - Android Facebook App Got Chat and Push Updates
di - Android Facebook App Got Chat and Push Updates
I am sure that most of the people who have bought an android phone and are fans of Facebook were waiting for the official Facebook app for android operating system to be updated with all other features that other phones with different operating systems enjoy. The Facebook app for android operating system was very simple in its first version since it never allowed users to chat and enjoy the push notification services which the phone was able to deliver but the application couldn’t. So users had to download different third party applications to use the chat and other features but again it was a different feeling.

So here we are with the latest official update from the official Facebook developers and this update will enable this application to let its users use the chat interface and the push notification services officially on the android operating system. The chat user interface is said to be remarkably good and you have the usual buddy list, with open chats at the top for quick access. This app also notifies you with the help of push notification services whenever you have a new chat so that your friends don’t have to wait for you to open the application to know about them starting the chat.

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As all the other updates this update also consists of some minor bug fixes and integration of the push services with other interactions as well. This is a very important update from the Facebook people that will probably change the feel of using Facebook on an android device and also you don’t have to worry about the security issues anymore as you will not be using any third party applications to chat with you Facebook friends. Now you will not have to open up your device and use the application to get the information about the new chats and the notifications about comments and wall posts.

Yes I know that it took a little time for the application developers to get the things going but again patience does bear sweet fruits.