Microsoft Stopped Pushing Genuine Office Checking Tool In Updates
di - Microsoft Stopped Pushing Genuine Office Checking
di - Microsoft Stopped Pushing Genuine Office Checking

After long time I am here with a news from Microsoft and that is even not published by Microsoft this one has been discovered by some of the users who keep their eye on the products of Microsoft. In this post I will be telling you about the new status update of the application which checks whether the Microsoft Office is genuine or not. Let’s have look at this new change.

image thumb47 - Microsoft Stopped Pushing Genuine Office Checking

I think that Microsoft has finally got fed up of checking the pirated softwares which people keep on using on their Windows OS. They have been consistently checking on Windows OS and the Microsoft Office 2010 which are mostly used by the users these days but recently it has been observed that Microsoft has stopped checking whether Microsoft Office 2010 is Genuine or not. This simply means that now Microsoft allows you to download any copy of Microsoft Office 2010 whether it is Genuine or not.

But still this does not mean that the installation pack will not contain that 25-Letter key, they will have it but then when you are about to download any template for the Microsoft Office then you will not have to pass through any genuine check this time. They have silently shut down this Genuine Office Advanced Program, now it really hard to conclude or predict that why they did so. They have actually allowed the user to use the cracked or the pirated version of this tool, which is one of the most popular tool developed by Microsoft. They have been known for their OS Windows and Office, it may be also thought that they will be coming up with a great idea with their next release of this tool which may take care of this product’s reputation.

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