How To Enhance, Edit Orkut Album Photos With Picnik
di - How To Enhance, Edit Orkut Album Photos With Picni
di - How To Enhance, Edit Orkut Album Photos With Picni

Google is one of the best cooperation in today’s scenario which is best at providing the world’s best web services and they are really working hard for them by introducing some new features on regular basis. Now when it comes to Social Networking then Orkut has got hidden somewhere, now a days when people only talk about Twitter and Facebook then Orkut seemed to overlooked by the users. But still Google is doing something for it and still it believes that it will put Facebook behind Orkut. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature which has been introduced in Orkut today.

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As we know that Google already offers the support to edit and store your images online on Picasa and this time they have introduced a new tool for the photos which are uploaded on Orkut. Now you can edit all the photographs uploaded by your with the help of this web tool. So, from now on you need not to worry while uploading the pictures, now you can upload them and then you can do anything with that video. Google has claimed that this application is really good as it has won many awards and then they also claim that it will also win the hearts of the people who feel troubled to manage the photographs while uploading them on any social network.

You can see the snapshot of the introduction on this new tool in the photographs section of the Orkut profile, after clicking on the option highlighted in the snapshot you will be directed to another page where you can edit the video using all the options mentioned over that page and then after making all the amendments you can save all it to album. Let’s see that what effect it will put on the traffic towards Orkut.

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