16439 - Sir Alex Ferguson wary of Arsenal threat

Arsene Wenger may be fuming at Nani's dismissal of Arsenal's title chances - but the Gunners chief can take comfort from knowing the man who really matters at Manchester United is not adopting the same attitude.

Nani's claim that only United or Chelsea can end the season as champions has not gone down well in north London, with Wenger sarcastically labelling the winger ''1,600 times more intelligent than me''.

Unlike his winger, Sir Alex Ferguson can boast experience of sending a team out into battle. And the United boss puts Arsenal in an elite group he does feel are capable of lifting the ultimate prize.

''I don't think there will be anyone outside ourselves, Chelsea or Arsenal,'' he said. ''Those three will certainly be there. I know Harry (Redknapp) is talking up his chances at Tottenham but they are involved in the Champions League, which is a new thing for them.

''If they get through the next stage it is not easy to manage European competition at that level and doing your league programme, plus FA Cup ties. Usually experience gets you through.

''Manchester City have got a chance of course. But they will also have the Europa League that will make it difficult. Maybe they, and Harry too, could buy in January because it is very difficult to manage both.''