Re Download & Re Install Already Downloaded But Deleted App On iPhone
di - Re Download & Re Install Already Downloaded But De
di - Re Download & Re Install Already Downloaded But De

There might be instances that when a person downloads an application for his or her iphone, ipod or ipad from itunes he may feel the need to re download it in the future. This can be needed if a person formats his or her computer or his device and he forgets to save a backup or there may be many other reasons. So the good thing is that apple takes care of the fact that you don’t have to pay again for the application that you have downloaded earlier and it makes sure that you get the application for free.

How you’re going to do that ? Well, today we will inform you how you can re download an app with making sure that even by mistake no money is deducted from your account. Here’s how you can do that :

  1. To minimize the risk of “accidental purchase” before downloading what you have to do is, remove the payment information or set the credit card to none in your itunes account.
  2. Go to itunes store.
  3. Sign in with the same account that was used to download the app the first time.
  4. Locate the application in the store.
  5. Click the “Buy App” Button.
  6. When prompted click the “Buy” button to download the app.

Capture1 thumb2 - Re Download & Re Install Already Downloaded But De

7.+ If the app+ has been purchased+ before on this ID then you will get the following box stating that you have already purchased the item before and if+ you want to re download it for free.

Capture2 thumb1 - Re Download & Re Install Already Downloaded But De

8.+ All you have to do then is click ok and the app will be downloaded to the itunes then you can simply connect your device and sync it with itunes in order to add the app to your device.

I am sure that this information will be very helpful to all the people using an iphone, ipod touch or an ipad and who like to load a lot of applications to their devices in order to enjoy the best technology has to offer.