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Thread: World's sports personality. Who would nominate.

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    cute World's sports personality. Who would nominate.

    World Sports Personality of the Year: Who I'd nominate

    Now that Tony McCoy has landed the BBC's award for 2010, who do you think has been the greatest global competitor?


    Sachin Tendulkar celebrates after completing the 50th Test century of his career in the match against South Africa. Photograph: Gallo Images/Getty Images Now that Tony McCoy has been crowned the BBC's Sports Personality of 2010, we thought we would follow our Who I'd Nominate debate, with a Who I'd nominate as World Sports Personality of the Year.
    Who were the 10 greatest sporting competitors of 2010, not just from Britain, but across the globe? Here are our writers' suggestions:

    It is difficult to separate the top international performers this year – Britain's Jessica Ennis won two major titles this year, while David Rudisha of Kenya twice broke the 800m world record a mark that has stood since 1997. But if it is personality alongside excellence that you're after, the name has got to be Blanka Vlasic, Croatia's superstar high jumper. World indoor and European champion in 2010, the 27-year-old is the Usain Bolt equivalent when it comes to entertaining the crowd, dancing on the crash mat, she does screams, tears, shouts and pouts. The athletics crowds adore her. Anna Kessel

    Manny Pacquiao's extraordinary bashing-up of Antonio Margarito, who outweighed him by 17lb, was one of his great performances. He is a phenomenon. Kevin Mitchell

    Graeme Swann aside there is only one other real contender in international cricket – Sachin Tendulkar. The Little Master has made 1,543 runs (at an average of 85.72) and scored seven centuries in Test cricket so far this year. That's more than anyone else in the world. At the age of 37 he has conclusively proven himself to be the best batsman of this era. Oh, and he also became the first player in history to score 200 in a one-day international. Andy Bull

    With apologies to Andr�s Iniesta and Lionel Messi, who'll probably get over their disappointment in time, I'm nominating World Cup-winning midfield metronome Xavi Hern�ndez, sublime co-conductor of the Barcelona and Spain symphony orchestras. While he obviously deserves the nod on merit, it also affords us yet another opportunity to divert the public gaze to this must-see monument to the stupidity of the Daily Mail.
    Barry Glendenning

    Lee Westwood's ascension to world No1 is a fine achievement but the silver-plated mathematics of golf's ranking process cannot outshine the pure golf of Graeme McDowell's year. The Irishman

    , he effectively holed the putt that won the Ryder Cup and, to finish things off, thrillingly reeled in Tiger Woods on the final day of a "nothing" tournament called the Chevron World Challenge. Rarely has nothing looked like so much. And rarely has a sportsman gone about his business with such grace, humility and downright intelligence. Truly, McDowell is the world sports personality of 2010. Lawrence Donegan
    Horse racing

    Zenyatta. If personality means the ability to inspire and captivate an audience, to bring it to boiling point and leave it swooning, then Zenyatta had personality by the wagonload. Talented, courageous and charismatic, and with film-star looks as well. What more could anyone want from a sports star? Greg Wood
    Motor sport

    Sebastian Vettel. It could be said that his errors behind the wheel were responsible for the championship going down to the last round but the fragility of his blindingly fast Red Bull was far more to blame. Vettel squeezed every ounce of performance out of his car and when the flag fell in Abu Dhabi he had more points than his team-mate and everyone else. The German displayed phenomenal mental strength as the season progressed but never lost his sense of humour or his inner belief. What's worrying for his rivals is that next year he'll be even better. Oliver Owen
    Rugby league

    Benji Marshall. Unfortunately the Four Nations series showed that Sam Tomkins still has a way to go to match the superstars of the southern hemisphere. Instead it was Marshall, the extravagantly gifted Wests Tigers half-back, who stole the show,

    for the Kiwis in the final. Andy Wilson
    Rugby union

    Dan Carter. Best to nominate him for a prize now because we know Kiwis struggle to win much in a World Cup year ... Carter, all joking aside, remains the supreme ringmaster of world rugby. When he is out injured (as was the case in the middle of the year) his influence grows ever more apparent. Robert Kitson

    As long as they continue playing, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer will divide tennis fans. It is an unwinnable and circular debate as to who is the greater talent. Nadal, though, clearly had the better year, despite losing to Federer in the last tournament of the season, and will be No1 for some time to come. Kevin Mitchell
    We appreciate that because this list was compiled by specialist writers there are candidates not mentioned, such as five-time NBA championship winner Kobe Bryant.
    Please make your suggestions below.
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