Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File
di - Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File
di - Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File

Now you do not need any other plugin or any software to add password to your PDF files. You can go for using a website which I will be sharing with you. You can call this website as PDFprotect and the link to this website has been shared at the end of the post. You can easily add a password to your PDF file and you will not have to have to use any other tool for doing and then you will be able to open this file in any of the PDF readers with a genuine password. In this post I will be telling you that how you can use this tool to protect your PDFs from unauthorized access.

image thumb58 - Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File

You can see the loge of this website on the snapshot shown above. You will have to browse the PDF file which is supposed to be protected and then you will have to enter the password which will lock that file. After you do so, click the button Protect and then your file will be uploaded. After it gets upload it will quickly ask you to download that protected file. You can see the snapshot of the webpage where all these entries will be done.

image thumb59 - Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File

After you download that protected file try to open it with your PDF reader, in my case I used to Adobe reader which asked the password. You can see the snapshot of the same posted below. When you will enter the password you will get the access to that file. This site will not ask any signup and it is really very simple to use, everything will be done on a single page (great!!!) and you will not waste a single second of yours.

image thumb60 - Add Password To Open, Read A PDF File

So, go for using this website and then let us know about your experience. If you face any problem or if you discover anything new while surfing the website then please let us know about that problem by putting it in the comments section, if we found that issue to be a genuine problem or information then we will let all the readers know about that information on your behalf or else we might help you to resolve that problem as we have already explored the website. So keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!