Use Password To Start, Run Google Chrome
di - Use Password To Start, Run Google Chrome
di - Use Password To Start, Run Google Chrome

Now, I am here with a new feature which has been introduced by Google for its browser Google Chrome. I can assure you one thing that this feature has not been introduced yet in any of the current browser available on internet. This is nothing but a new extension launched by Google and its of great use especially if you are really conscious about the private data which is saved by your browser. In this post I will be telling you the way to use.

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You can see the snapshot of the website from where you can install this extension and by the name of the title you must have got the idea about the feature of this extension. This extension can be used by you is you are conscious about the data which is saved by your browser. It will lock your browser with the help of the password and then once the correct password is entered you will be able to use this browser else can’t.

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The only drawback with this extension is that it cannot tell you the forgotten password and then you will have to reinstall the browser if you want to use this browser again. When you will install this extension for the first time then by clicking the ‘option’ link (available under the list of extension of Google Chrome) you will be able to set the password for the first time and if you want to change the password at any point of time then you can follow the same procedure. Once you have set the password make sure that you remember the password or you can save the password in your Gmail account or any other e-mail account, but don’t dare to lose it.

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