Now this is news! When everybody is speculating whether there is a strain in the friendship between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif especially after it was reported that the macho Bollywood actor's digs about Ranbir Kapoor did not go down too well with Kat, TOI spotted Sallu's ex-flame paying him a visit on Saturday night.

Kat drove into Salman's Galaxy pad in Bandstand (Bandra) late evening and even stayed there for at least one-and-a-half hours bonding with him as well as his family members. We hear that she was there to wish him in advance for his brithday. Family sources tell us that Salman was very friendly with Kat and vice versa and they had a blast chatting up after ages as both were busy with their respective shooting commitments. "Kat had some food at Salman's pad and caught up on some hearty conversation.

By the way they were interacting with each other, nothing seems to be wrong between the relationship that they have been sharing. Kat continues to be close to the entire Khan family and considers Salman to be her advisor and, most importantly, a very close friend. Salman, too, is quite fond of her. They hugged each other and spent at least one hour with just each other." What's also interesting is that Salman even escorted Kat all the way to her car when she was leaving and waited at the door waving to her till her car zoomed away.