Create Split Parts Facebook Profile Images Aligned Together With Profile Changer [Facebook App]
di - Create Split Parts Facebook Profile Images Aligned
di - Create Split Parts Facebook Profile Images Aligned

We have seen many scams on Facebook, regarding changing their Facebook profile. Everybody wants to change their profile as per the way they and that is the reason many of the people got trapped in this scam. Today we are going to introduce to you about anew Facebook application, which will help you to change the appearance of your profile picture. In this post I will be telling you a smart way to personalize your Facebook profile by changing the position, size and the location of your profile picture.

Facebook Flair - Create Split Parts Facebook Profile Images Aligned

You can see the sample snapshot of the new profile picture posted on your profile page. If you want to get the same profile image as shown above in the snapshot then you will just have to click the link mentioned below and then you will be directed to the application page where you will be asked to permit the application to access some of the rights of your account and after allowing the application you will be able to use it, but before using it remember one thing that you should have a profile pic of yours with high resolution as you can see the size of the image which will be posted on your profile.

On the very first step you will asked to upload the image and then you can change the appearance your profile page by adding and deleting the amount of your information which will be displayed on the screen, You can add or remove them as per your choice. I should say that now you can easily change the whole profile page with the help of this application, giving a new look to your profile. So start using it now and show other about this new application.

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