iPhone Alarms May Fail To Wake You Up In 2011
di - iPhone Alarms May Fail To Wake You Up In 2011
di - iPhone Alarms May Fail To Wake You Up In 2011

Hello Readers!! Today I will be sharing a remedy to a problem which you have faced yesterday or the day before yesterday. This problem was also detected last year with the iPhone users and it has bugged up again. So we are here as usually to get you the remedy to this problem. Today in the post, I will be telling you that how you can correct this error which has been detected again in the iPhone.

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If you are the iPhone user then you might have missed the alarm on 1st and 2nd of January, 2011, this is due to the reason of the bug which was also seen in last year by the iPhone users. Last year the iPhone alarm got delayed by one hour so most of the users got one hour late in wishing their friends and family and this year the mistake was huge as it did not ring up on 1st Jan and this error is supposed to continue till 2nd January, 2011. Huge number of tweets were seen on Twitter regarding this issue, as many of the users felt cheated by iPhone as they relied on this device to wish or greet many closed one and all the disappointments were posted through tweets. But then, they have also mentioned about the remedy to this problem.

You are just supposed to set the recurring alarm for the specific day and then that iPhone alarm will work on time. Well you might be one of them who were attacked by this problem and it has been repeated second time so they have mentioned the solution and now it will be troubling your anymore.

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