di - Blackberry Facebook Chat AppThinking about blackberry the first thing that comes into my mind is the awesome applications and the totally dedicated user interface that help you stay connected to other people with ease. A few years ago Blackberry was considered to be a business phone but now with all the progress shown by the company one can say that it can be used by a person of any age who is willing to stay updated with help of social networking. Blackberry was created in the first place to help people stay updated on the move which was the first priority of the business class but since the launch of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter it becanme popular amongst the young generation as well.

So today Facebook is available in form of dedicated apps for almost all the mobile platforms in existence, may it be iphone, android or windows. Then Blackberry also wasn’t staying behind and the only feature missing upto the date was the chat feature. No problem today we have the good news for all the blackberry users like me and the news is that you can chat with your Facebook friends on your blackberry smartphone.

images10 thumb - Blackberry Facebook Chat App

This free application is available for all the Facebook enthusiasts and it lets you chat with your Facebook friends with ease. This application has got the minimal interface required for chatting and you will have to open another section where you have to edit and send the message separately.You can also see the chat in proper timeline. You will have to authorize your account on this app and then you will be able to see all your friends who are online.

You can also set the option to display the images or not according to your requirements and internet plans and also there are options for chat notifications as well. So I am sure that all you blackberry users out there would want to download this app and get into the league with all the other phones that have this feature.