Control iTunes, Scrobbling With Keyboard Keys On Mac OS X With Bowtie
di - Control iTunes, Scrobbling With Keyboard K
di - Control iTunes, Scrobbling With Keyboard K

If you are a Mac user, there is a good chance that you use iTunes to listen to and manage your music library. I use iTunes too, although I am not a big fan of its interface. It makes listening to music seem like a pain, because of pointless limitations, and poor organizing capabilities. I also despise it for being closed and not allowing integration of or similar popular online music networking services.

The end result of this is that I have to use iTunes and an external scrobbler while listening to music everyday, which frankly is not only an inconvenience, but also a usability nightmare. I have to switch to iTunes to choose a track, and then switch apps again to read artist info or ‘Love/Ban’ the track on

Bowtie is a lightweight yet powerful app for Mac OS X that acts as your central control station for both iTunes as well as, right from your desktop or via powerful universal shortcuts. A beautiful, skinnable overlay is displayed on your desktop, which displays your currently playing track, and depending on the theme you choose, may also provide you with controls for iTunes and

Screen shot 2011 01 04 at 11158 AM - Control iTunes, Scrobbling With Keyboard K
(Theme: Bowtie by Ryan Christensen)

There are many beautiful themes for Bowtie available online, but as I mentioned before, the real power of Bowtie is its universal and intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list:

Screen shot 2011 01 04 at 10745 AM - Control iTunes, Scrobbling With Keyboard K

Whenever you use a Bowtie keyboard shortcut, a beautiful, custom bezel shows up which indicates that your shortcut has been registered and the corresponding action has been performed.

Apart from providing this functionality, Bowtie has built-in support, and automatically scrobbles anything that you listen to on iTunes. You have to allow Bowtie to access to your account (just once) and it will take care of the rest automatically.

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