Microsoft Launching Windows Based TV Set-Top Box At CES
di - Microsoft Launching Windows Based TV Set-Top Box A
di - Microsoft Launching Windows Based TV Set-Top Box A

So finally Microsoft has also stepped into the competition of providing their own TV. Now it is a great news to share the team for this was started by Microsoft since 2006 and then when other major firms like Apple and Google have already introduced their channel then now it is the turn on Microsoft to play their role now. In this post I will be talking about the set-top box OS which will be released at the CES.

image thumb8 - Microsoft Launching Windows Based TV Set-Top Box A

Microsoft has finally stepped into the race as they have been trying to be a part of the television and in response to the Apple TV and the Google TV they have released an OS or I would say the another version of Windows for the TV and the set-top boxes and you will be able to see that on the CES starting day after tomorrow. They will be having a partner to manufacture the set-top boxes which will be already equipped with the new OS of the Microsoft. It has been expected that the overall cost including the cost of the set-top box and the OS which will be installed in it will be under the mark of 200$.

I suppose that this might be a breakthrough for them to enter the users’ Consumer Electronics category and then they are already in competition with two huge firms. You can expect this product to be released by the mid of 2011. This idea is little bit different, let us see that how the users will react to this new device and will it able to overcome the popularity of Apple TV and Google TV. Well!!! We can find the answers to these questions after the mid of 2011.

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