MSI Windows 7 Tablet Revealed At CES 2011
di - MSI Windows 7 Tablet Revealed At CES 2011
di - MSI Windows 7 Tablet Revealed At CES 2011

As we already mentioned that now a days various firms are fighting for the tablets now a days and it was expected that there will be some new tablets which will be displayed at the CES this year and one of the products which is nothing but a tablets has been released and in this post I will be talking about the specification of that product and I will also mentioned that how it may attract you but before proceeding further I would like to mention that this tablet includes the Windows OS.

image thumb11 - MSI Windows 7 Tablet Revealed At CES 2011

MSI which is known for producing good quality laptops has also put their hands in producing the WinPad which is equipped with Windows OS as mentioned above. The display of this pad is around 10 inches and it has got some of the features which you must have not seen in any other tablet but still it will be hard for it to survive in the market because it also lies in the same category which still is not capable of fighting with Apple iPad. Now there are some of the hardware configuration facts which might make it different in your perception like it has got 2 GB RAM and then you will can external memory up to 64 GB with the help of the card.

It has also got the HDMI port and along with it you can find dual camera in that tablet and as far as the cost of that product is concerned then you will have to pay around 400$ to 600$. Now you can see that the prices of this tablet and iPad are almost same so you will have to think a lot before going for this product. Let’s see how the users will react to it.

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