di - Use Windows Phone 7 As iTunes Remote Controller
di - Use Windows Phone 7 As iTunes Remote Controller
Have you just bought a new windows 7 phone and you like using itunes to organize media on your computer ? If the answer is yes then we have a pretty cool application for you that can help you on controlling itunes on your computer remotely with your windows 7 phone. Well I think that it is a pretty awesome combination and it will be pretty easy for a person to keep working on his windows 7 phone while changing the music on his or her PC. It happens a lot of times that when you are messaging on your phone or playing a game you feel like listening to music on your laptop but it feels pretty annoying to switch between the laptop and the phone again and again.

So here we have the solution to this annoying problem and I hope you like it. This application called the Remote enables you to control itunes from your phone. You can browse through your itunes music and choose playlists, songs and albums just like you do it in the front of the computer. You can also play pause control the volume and more. With this application you will also be able to see all the artist, songs and playlist in your itunes library and you can use the keyboard of yoru device to start or stop playback.

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The now playing screen allows you to play, pause, skip forward or backward and it also lets you control the volume , play position and shuffle repeat settings. To pair the application for the first time you will have to run the pairing utility on the computer and that can be downloaded with help of the link given below. This pairing is only required once and this application also supports multiple itunes libraries. itunes 10.1 or later is required and Wi-Fi network is also necessary.

Download Remote

Download pairing utility