Sony Ericsson Released Xperia Running GingerBread
di - Sony Ericsson Released Xperia Running GingerBread
di - Sony Ericsson Released Xperia Running GingerBread

In this post I will be talking about the new gadget released by Sony today, we expected some of the products from Sony at CES and according to them this is the best Xperia product released by the firm today. You can call this product as Xperia Arc.

image thumb13 - Sony Ericsson Released Xperia Running GingerBread

Well you can see the image of the product right above this paragraph and I must tell you that this one is really competitive when it comes to the configuration and appearance both. For the start I must tell you that it has got a camera with 8.1 Mega-pixel with flash and I personally feel that it will better or it will give a nice fight to that Carl Ziess lens of Nokia mobile phones. The best part is its structure and it is one of the slimmest phones observed in the market as it has got the 8.7 mm size of the slimmest part of the phone. It has got the latest version of Android, so now I can say that Google Nexus S has a nice contender in the market and then it has also got the inbuilt HDMI connector. Its screen size is around 4.2 inches (not bad!!!) and has got everything which a smartphone is expected to have like WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and few more similar features.

In-built memory of this phone is around 512 MBs and it can support up to 32 GB of external memory support. According to me this phone will give Sony a new place in the mobile market and I am sure that most of the people will choosing between Google Nexus S and this new Xperia Arc.

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