Win Genuine Windows 7 License For Free By Submitting A Story On Windows 7
di - Win Genuine Windows 7 License For Free By Submitti
di - Win Genuine Windows 7 License For Free By Submitti

Hello Readers!!! Today we have a nice news for you specially if you are a story writer. You must have heard that creativity pays a lot and now today I have a proof for this fact. Microsoft has planned to organize a story writing competition and the winner will get a Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate edition. In this post I will be telling you about all the details which are required to be known if you want to participate in this competition.

image thumb14 - Win Genuine Windows 7 License For Free By Submitti

If you want to participate in this competition then you must be of 18 years or older, moreover you should read all the policies before participating in this competition. We have also provided you the link of this competition below in this post and there you can take a look at all the points for participating in this competition. Unluckily if you are one of the employees of Microsoft then also you are not eligible to participate in this competition and even if you are the immediate relative of that employee then also you are ineligible.

Make sure that the story is original and the theme of the story should be related to Windows 7, you can write that how this OS did save your business work or how this OS was able to save you money or anything else which is very valuable to you. You story should not be longer that two pages and it should also not include any content which is abusive or can be counted under sedition. Make sure that you are to get the eyes of the reader throughout the story.

If you are one of the citizens from North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sidan and Syria, then you are not allowed to be a part of this competition as they do not supply their product to these countries. I hope that you would love to participate in this competition, after completing your entry just mail it to

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