Whether you browse internet on a laptop, a desktop or a mobile phone doesn’t matter because usually the content which you browse is the same. The main purpose of this internet is to help you find what you need as soon as possible and with least efforts. So there are tons of features available now days on internet browsers like bookmarks, auto fill and many more. One of the best browsers available for web browsing these days is Google Chrome. It is certainly one of the best because it is simple to use, fast and it has got a plenty of features that other browsers are lacking of.

So to add up to those features we have a new application for all the people using android phone and Google chrome as a browser on their computers. This application known as the chrome marks can help you out in exporting your bookmarks from the Google chrome browser to the default browser of your android phone by click of a button which otherwise can be a very frustrating task when done manually.

Capture thumb4 - Access, Use Google Chrome Bookmarks On Android Pho

All you have to do is enter your Google account info once and then after launching the application you you have to press the sync button. This application is compatible with any third party browser and you can download the lite version for free. There is also a paid version for 2$ that allows you to create new bookmarks and sync them back to your PC.

I think that this application can be really helpful to all the people who do not like to browse with a small keyboard of their phone and they visit a limited number of pages. All they have to do is create a set of bookmarks for all those pages and transfer them to their android phones so that they can visit them afterwards wherever they feel the need to do so.