Apple MAC App Store Now Accessible For Public
di - Apple MAC App Store Now Accessible For Public
di - Apple MAC App Store Now Accessible For Public

Hufff!!!! This is the perfect expression for the great news released today, we have been talking of Cydia and Hackulous. Both of them were madly waiting for the MAC App Store to opened as they wanted to release then own tools for the MAC users and it was possible when Apple MAC App Store would have opened. Not only them but all the Apple lovers and users were also waiting for Cydia, Hackulous and Apple MAC App Store and now the wait is over and Apple has finally opened the App Store, so in this post I will be sharing some more details regarding it.’

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Apple has opened their Mac App Store with 1000 application on their websites and the best part which they have mentioned is the photo editing tool released in that Store. They have categorized their application on the basis of the needs like some of the applications have been put under education as they are used for educational purposes and some of them are necessary if you want to enjoy your daily work so they have been categorized under LifeStyle. They have also put their award winning tool on the App Store which can be used for designing and animation.

Moreover they have also planned to integrate their products like Apple Mobile phoned with different package of tools available under iLife, iMovie and other similar packs. So, this simply means that now the new version of their products will be better in terms of softwares and tools and their support will also be quite approachable. Now Jay Freeman can look forward to release their version of applications and we will see that how will these paid tools on Apple App Store will survive in front of Hackulous and Cydia.

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