Angry Birds For PSP, PS3 Coming With In A Week
di - Angry Birds For PSP, PS3 Coming With In A Week
di - Angry Birds For PSP, PS3 Coming With In A Week

In one of the recent post I mentioned about one of the mostly played games which is known as Angry Bird which has been launched for Windows system and there we provided you the link to download the game. In this post I will be sharing a news with you which states that Angry bird will be launched for PSP and Xbox 360 next year. They are making improvements steadily, as they have already launched the tool for Windows so now they are looking forward for some of the game consoles.

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Honestly speaking the best place for these games are at Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PSP, so Angry Bird will not only be available for these consoles but their level will also be increased and then it will be known as Angry Bird 2. As per the information it has been intimated that now pigs will not be dumb and steady anymore and they will also be able to attack you, so let us see that what happens in the next edition.

Honestly speaking I have not been able to get close to the finish line of this game and I can now think that will it be difficult to end that version game. But then they are going to present their games to different gaming consoles so it is understood that the level of the game should be improved as the level of players will also improve and so it might happen that good PSP and Xbox player might ignore this game. But for the time being I am going to concentrate fully on ending this version of Angry Birds. So get ready to face Angrier Birds in next years.

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