Get Authorized Access, Open Dead Person Gmail or Hotmail Account
di - Get Authorized Access, Open Dead Person Gmail or H
di - Get Authorized Access, Open Dead Person Gmail or H

It happens a lot of time that when a person passes away his or her relatives need access to the email account of that person. This may be required for many reasons like some important information that wasn’t passed on which is really relevant to the business or some emails can even help them out in figuring out what was going on with the business partners.

So till now a very few people must have had though about this sensitive but important subject but here we are with a solution to this problem as well. Well currently if the account is on Microsoft or Google then the next kin can have the access to the account after a few formalities. So here are the steps that you need to follow in order to gain access to the

Google account (Gmail account)

You need to send the following documents

  1. Your full name, physical mailing address and verifiable email address.
  2. A Xerox of a government ID or a drivers license
  3. The Gmail Address of the individual that has passed away
  4. The full header from an email message that you have received at your verifiable email address from the Gmail address in question ( To obtain the header from a message in Gmail open the message>click down arrow next to reply>select show original at the top right of the window pane.
  5. The entire contents of the message
  6. Proof of death
  7. One of the following, if the descendant was 18 or older provide a probate or other court order stating that you are a lawful representative of the deceased estate or if the descendant was under 18 then you are the parent of the individual with the copy of the decedents birth certificate.

This needs to be mailed at the following address

Google inc

Attention : Gmail User Support – Decedents Accounts

1600 Amphitheatre parkway

Mountain view CA 94043

Or Faxed to : 650-644-0358

After you have sent the required information it takes 30 days for it to get processed and Google does not delete the account itself however the next kin can choose to do so.

Windows Live (Hotmail)

Microsoft has a policy of deleting an account if unaccessed for 270 days so of the this period has not passed then the next kin will be able to access the account after sending an email to After the receipt of the email Microsoft will safeguard the account for six months. In that period of time you have to furnish the following documents.

  1. The Xerox of the death certificate of the user
  2. Paperwork stating that you are the benefactor or the deceased estate or that you have the power of attorney
  3. A Xerox of your drivers license or a government issued ID
  4. A document wiht the following details
    • Account name
    • First and the last name of the account
    • Date of the birth
    • city, state and zip code
    • Approximate date of account creation
    • Approximate last sign in date

  5. A physical mailing address

All the documents should be faxed to 425-708-0096 or sent via mail to the following address

Microsoft Corp

Attn: Online Services Custodian Records

1065 La Avenida, Building 4

Mountain View CA 94043.