Set Flickr Photos As Windows Desktop Background Wallpaper
di - Set Flickr Photos As Windows Desktop Background Wa
di - Set Flickr Photos As Windows Desktop Background Wa

Flickr is one of the most popular image sharing portal and heaven for photo lovers. It would be great to have Flickr images on your desktop. Flickrwall is a wallpaper changer powered by Flickr which will give attractive look to your desktop. With this application, you can rotate your desktop wallpapers with the stunning and cool images uploaded by users on In order to use this utility, you can download the Flickrwall zip file from the link given at the end of the article. As flickrwall is a portable application, so it doesn’t need any installation. Just unzip the downloaded file and click on the FlicrWall.exe to open it.

How To Use Flickrwall

Run the program executable, you will see the following window where you can update your desktop wallpapers according to your preferences.

555 thumb1 - Set Flickr Photos As Windows Desktop Background Wa

You can update wallpapers without Signing in but advantages of Signing in is that you will have access to photos restricted to family and friends in your photostream and non-public photos that your contacts share with you. The uppermost box allows you to update desktop background manually or every hour, every four hours, four times a day or daily.

The second box tells you how FlickrWall will select wallpapers for you:

  1. Explore top 100 : With this, you can select today’s best and most interesting pictures.
  2. Tag Top 100 : This will select one of the top 100 images with the tags which you will specify in the next box. You can also specify more than one tag also by separating with a comma(for eg. Nature, cars).
  3. Favorites : This allows you to select one of the most interesting favorites of any Flickr user you specify.
  4. Photostream : This allows you to select picture from a Flickr user.
  5. Group : This will allow you to select pictures from any Flickr groups.
  6. Only one photo : If you want specific photo on Flickr as your wallpaper, just paste the address of that picture.
Press the Update button to select the wallpaper. The preview of the wallpaper will be shown and if you don’t like that wallpaper, press Update button again. If you want Flickrwall to run automatically when you logon your computer, just select Run at startup checkbox.Flickrwall will be seen at the tray area of your computer. Right click on the icon and select Options… to configure it.

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Features of Flickrwall

  • Flickrwall is a freeware and portable application which is a wallpaper changer powered by Flickr.
  • It provides your desktop with never ending stream of best images uploaded by Flickr users directly to your desktop.
  • It works well with windows XP, vista and windows 7 and works perfectly on windows 7 64 bit also.