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    Useful Web Services & Tools [#5]
    di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#5]
    di - Useful Web Services & Tools [#5]

    Readers check out some useful web applications, web sites and web startups which gives you free service to keep yourself updated with all new start ups coming up every day. Lets have a look what special is there in our kitty for you this week.

    Search Best Mobile Applications For Your iPhone, Android and Blackberry

    Today mobile is a basic necessity for everyone. The ultra sleek and high end versions which get launched and mesmerize the buyers with their absolutely mind boggling features. Till recently, there was no single “go-to” place to gather all the information on this highly dynamic domain. A lot of extremely good mobile applications would go unnoticed due to poor marketing or due to unavailability of one dedicated portal to view details.

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    Keep Track Of Backlinks To Your Web Content?

    Backlinks is one of the vital ways of giving your web content a higher audience base and increasing its visibility. Bluebacklinks is a FREE online service which checks all the backlinks to your web content. It will list down all the inbound links and outbound links. Not only that, it would list down significant amount of information which can come handy in your analysis.

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    Check If A Domain Name Is Available

    Finding a domain name which suits your requirement is not so easy as many domain names are already taken. PCNames is a great tool to find domain names with ease. Searching a domain name using this website seems to be an easy task. Here you can instantly check whether .com, .net, .org, .info,.biz,.us, mobi domain names are available or not, which helps to quickly scan the other alternatives available.

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    Nice sharing. I really like them.

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