Add Password To Open, View Gallery Pictures On Android Phone
di - Add Password To Open, View Gallery Pictures On And
di - Add Password To Open, View Gallery Pictures On And

There are a lot of photos that you would want on your android phone but the reason you don’t have them is that you don’t want everybody to see them. So
I know that it is pretty frustrating if you want to have a photo of your girlfriend or boyfriend but you just cant keep it because you are afraid that your parents would see it then we have a perfect solution for you.

This application known as Photo Vault lets you to protect password photos in your android phone. So your phone will be able to save all your private Photos now from all the people that you don’t want them to see. By using this simple application you can make sure that any one who is not supposed to see what you don’t want them to see never gets access to your private photos.

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The user interface of this application is very simple and easy to understand also it gives you an option to disguise the app as a normal gallery app which I think is very helpful when a really notorious person is handling your phone. Once you have installed the application if you want to hide the photo you will have to go to the photo gallery and them double click on the photo. After opening the photo you have to hold the specific photo for a while and then it will get hidden. Incase you want to make the picture public you will have to got to the photo vault application and+ unhide it from the private tab.

In my opinion this is a must have for all the people who have a lot of people playing around with their phones and they are afraid that they will see their private photos.