Attend Public Webcast On How To Get Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award
di - Attend Public Webcast On How To Get Microsoft Most
di - Attend Public Webcast On How To Get Microsoft Most

Everyone would love to see the tag mentioned in the title but then you must know that earning this tag is not an easy task and if Microsoft says that you are really valuable then it truly means that you are. Abhishek is already a MVP and in this post I will tell you that how you can be tagged as MVP, what is the meaning of this tag and how does this help you. So just read this post and then if you feel that you should also be a part of it then you can click the link mentioned below, go on that page and then get yourself registered.

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The basic requirement of a MVP is that you should be among the professional who love to share your knowledge about all the services or products related to Microsoft and there is no need of your to be a part of Microsoft if you want to earn this tag. Just make sure that you knowledge is helping others to solve their problem related to the products or the tools offered by Microsoft. You can earn this tag by helping people online or offline, this totally depends upon you and let me tell you that the number of MVPs in the world is really small, so this simply means that you need to work harder to earn this tag.

Now the MVP program team has decided to offer this opportunity to everyone and so you can use this opportunity to get yourself tagged with MVP. Before getting registered go to the official Microsoft website and then read all the norms which are necessary for the MVP and then you can get yourself by clicking the link mentioned below. Nominate yourself by registering+here to become Microsoft MVP. The closing date for nominations for current cycle is 21st January, 2011.

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MVP Public Webcast Link [ Date: Januaray 13, 2011 | Time: 1.00 PM – 2.00 PM (IST) ]

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