Yesteryear Bollywood actresses seem to have found an easy way to come back into Bollywood. With their age hindering their comeback, these actresses are working hard on their look to catch the attention. The actresses we are talking about here are Madhuri Dixit, Karishma Kapoor and Sridevi.The three heroines of the 90s are planning a comeback and looking at their all new looks it seems they have started off well.

Madhuri Dixit looks quite stunning in her all new hairdo and young look. Appears to have worked a lot on her facial features, Madhuri seems to have left years behind her. The Dancing Diva has been proclaimed by all leading stars to be the best dancer and the most glamorous actress Bollywood has ever seen. She indeed is. Her EK DO TEEN dance is at a level no other actress has been able to reach. Even today she can shake a leg and put any other Bollywood Actress at shame. Recently she was offered the role of Sonam Kapoor’s mom for Anil Kapoor Production’s next movie based on Hollywood movie FREAKY FRIDAY. It would be interesting to see if Madhuri accepts the role or awaits an offer for a younger role.

Karishma Kapoor too has worked quite well for her young look. Currently doing some small time modeling assignments, Karishma is making her presence felt ever since her divorce by attending various events and fashion shows. With younger sister Bebo in tow, Karishma can easily stage a grand Kapoor comeback.

Sridevi though has made a slow try. She definitely is looking stunning with her slim and trim figure and killing smile, but her presence is still to make a mark. Though she definitely has picked up a couple of ad assignments, unlike her other two contemporaries, Sridevi would take some time.

So with three bollywood Devis staging her comebacks, we can hope a glittering 2011 coming up!