Remove Youtube Big Size, Length Video Upload Restriction
di - Remove Youtube Big Size, Length Video Upload Restr
di - Remove Youtube Big Size, Length Video Upload Restr

We mentioned earlier that YouTube is uplifting the limit for uploading the video and now you can upload the videos of greater limit. I also mentioned that now you will be able to see movies and huge season episodes on YouTube which will make it really helpful and popular for all the video related usage. In this post I will be mentioning the way in which you can upload the video up to 20 Gb, I will mention the steps and the new features which have also been introduced while uplifting this limit.

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As per the specification mentioned in the snapshot you can see that the length of the video should be upto 15 minutes and it can be in high definition mode along with these specifications it also mentions that this new uploader will support the wide variety of formats. Now let me tell you that if you want to use this feature of YouTube then make sure that latest version should be installed on your system or if you do not have the latest version then you can check whether the version of JRE on your system is above 1.5 or not because you are supposed to have the better version that 1.5 or 1.5 will also do.

This JAVA will help you to resume your uploading again and again. So now if you have got bad internet connect at home and you want to upload heavy file then this will help you to install them in several parts by resuming the upload again and again. So it will save your bandwidth to a huge extent. We have also provided you the link of this new uploader of YouTube, so you can enjoy this new feature.

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