Drag & Drop Over Internet Browser To Upload Youtube Video [Works With Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox]
di - Drag & Drop Over Internet Browser To Upload Youtub
di - Drag & Drop Over Internet Browser To Upload Youtub

In a post I mentioned about the body browser introduced by Google and there I also mentioned that it might not run in most of the browsers as you need to have HTML5 support on the browser of you want to see that body browser by Google. It seems that Google is exploiting this new Internet protocol and that is the reason they have introduced a new feature in YouTube with the help of this protocol and let me tell you that this new feature of YouTube is really very helpful especially for those who love to upload videos on it.

image thumb32 - Drag & Drop Over Internet Browser To Upload Youtub

In this post I will be telling you about this new feature with the help of which you will be able to upload any video by just dragging and dropping it down on the upload page. Now the basic question arises that how are you going to use it or what are basic requirement of for using this new feature. As i mentioned earlier that HTML5 is the basic requirement and so you can use this new feature on the latest version of Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox as these new versions are already equipped with this new technology of HTML5.

You must have observed the same screenshot when I told in one of my recent article that now YouTube has uplifted the limit to the videos and so you if you want to add any video to YouTube then you can just drag that video in the space mentioned above and then it will be uploaded automatically. So, I will repeat that you can use this advanced feature in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but if you are working in another browser then you can use that Upload option which is mentioned there in that box.

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