Install, Run Windows Phone 7 ROM On HTC HD2
di - Install, Run Windows Phone 7 ROM On HTC HD2
di - Install, Run Windows Phone 7 ROM On HTC HD2

Several experiments have been tried on the new mobile OS of Microsoft, i.e. Windows Phone 7 and this article is again on an experiment which has gone successful. One of the popular phones released by HTC was its HD2 and in this post I will be telling you that how you can take the taste of Windows Phone 7 on that phone as Dark Team Forces has released the ROM for WP7 which can run on HTC HD2. Just take a look at the video mentioned showing WP7 ROM on HD2.


So, it is sure that HD2 can run this OS on itself but the only problem with this pack is that you will not be able to enjoy any live service offered by this fabulous OS and let me tell you that this clause will be a turn Off for many of the users who love to use Windows Phone 7. But still I would say that it was just the beginning of the successful results of the experiments done on WP7 and I believe that right now they have a limitation on this ROM which will the live services and but within coming days they will be able to overcome this limitation also. Just wait and watch as I feel that now there are more similar experiments which will be successful and that day is not far when you will be able to dual boot your mobile phones icon wink - Install, Run Windows Phone 7 ROM On HTC HD2 .

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