Guide To Track, Find Lost, Stolen iPhone 4, 3GS & 3G

The greatest risk of having an expensive high end phone is that it and it sports a greater chance of being stolen than any other normal phone. Also it feels a bit more if you lose a high end phone since the cost of the phone was real high and also these phones contain a lot of important data as well since they can be used for so many different purposes.

So if you have an iphone running on iOS 4.0 and it is jailbroken then we have a new application for you that can help you out in finding you iphone when it gets lost. This application known as the iLostMyi enables you to track your iphone by sending a silent text message to the device. Not only it gets the information about the location of the device but if a thief inserts a new SIM card then its telephone number, ICCID and IMSI will be sent via SMS to a number predefined by the owner.

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This application is really smart as the text message sent for the tracking is silent and thus the thief wont even be aware of the face that information is being sent from the phone in his hands. The application automatically turns on the GPS in order it is switched off to determine the iphone’s location. Using and installing this application is also real easy since all you have to do is fill out your desired settings including the phone numbers that will be used to send the silent messages in case the device is stolen and the number of legitimate sim card so that their change will not trigger the process.

You can download the iLostMyi app for $2.99 from Cydia via the BigBoss Repo and it requires a jailbroken iphone 4.0 or later.