Flip, Turn Twitter Tweets Upside Down
di - Flip, Turn Twitter Tweets Upside Down
di - Flip, Turn Twitter Tweets Upside Down

Every time we tweet, we want something different. Ofcourse, we would not like to tweet in the same fashion again and again. When life needs a change, then why not our tweets? The old 140 characters pattern on twitter seems to be so boring. Just tweeting every time “What’s happening?” in some tiring words is not actually what we want to. So, why not to try something different??? How about Flip Twits??? This makes my tweets interesting and amazing. Probably a change I was looking for.

Flip Twits+ is the online service provided to turn your tweets with bottoms up and turn around (left to the right). The service is completely free of cost. You don’t have to register separately for it. Just got to the page and write the original text you want to tweet. The corresponding flipped part will be shown just below it for you. You can easily see this in the snapshot below. This is easy and amazing too.

sshot 7 thumb - Flip, Turn Twitter Tweets Upside Down

You can tweet upto 139 characters using Flip Twits. There is no limit on the usage of the service. You can use this as many times as you like. It allows only the lower case alphabets. Even if you have typed the upper case, it will convert them to lower as shown above. Type the complete message and click “Send Flip Tweet”. It will ask you to enter your username (or id) and password. If you are already signed into twitter, it will simply ask your permission to send.

sshot 1 thumb2 - Flip, Turn Twitter Tweets Upside Down

Note: Twitter gives a clear notification that the access to your account is at your own risk. Even if you have accessed once, you can easily revoke access to this application through your settings any time you want.

But the application has been found safe to use. So, allow the access and the flipped tweet will be posted to your page. Moreover, tweeting this way is so simple and only few steps are required.

Are you also bored of your unformatted and simple tweets. Then you must give a try to this service. You would surely find this to be amazing. Enjoy the new tweeting style with the Flip Twits application. You can amaze your friends with the different pattern and make them read your tweets. Do something that makes your friends ask you about the latest tools you are using. Just tweeting in a different manner can really attract your friends.