Microsoft Touch Mouse aka Magic Mouse Features, Details
di - Microsoft Touch Mouse aka Magic Mouse Features, De
di - Microsoft Touch Mouse aka Magic Mouse Features, De

Today I am not going to talk about any other Web services or I will not be talking about any new feature introduced in any of the web services existing before or any toll which can been introduced recently but today I will be telling about a new mouse which has been released by Microsoft recently. This mouse is somewhat different any of the mouse which you have seen before as it has some of its new features.

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In this post I will be talking a lot about that mouse and what are the features which have been introduced in this new version of mouse and which will definitely lure you to lighten your pockets.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

The video which will have posted above can help you to see all the new features which are present in this new mouse. Its looks are really different, from its first glance you cannot decide that whether this mouse has got any button or not but let me tell you that it has got buttons. Generally you must have seen that a mouse always has a scroll button in the middle of the buttons but this one does not have any button specially designed for scrolling. You can use the its flick technology to scroll down the page and please note that scrolling through a page will be lot easier as compared to the scrolling done through previous scroll button in the mouse.

You can use the same technology to view the images in a folder. You can see the use of the gesture in the video shown above. You can also use a three finger gesture in order to monitor all the windows which are opened on the desktop. You can minimize any window, you manage the size of the window and you can place the window on the desktop with the help of the two – fingered gestures. This is really a new revolution for the mouses and it is also a good contender for the Magic Trackpad of Apple. Let us see how the users will react to this new product. As per my point of view I really want to buy this new mouse by Microsoft, but I am not sure that whether I will be able to use another mouse after getting addicted to this new one icon wink - Microsoft Touch Mouse aka Magic Mouse Features, De .

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